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I amalgamate linguistics with machine learning.
I am passionate about writing beautiful code & finding extraordinary insights with data science.

I'm a data scientist and linguist based in NYC. Working with languages, I have always had a passion for finding patterns and utilizing them to solve problems. During the Arab Spring, I advised multinational corporations, such as Siemens and Allianz, on navigating Egypt’s political situation from the ground. As a consultant, I identified operational frameworks for non-profit organizations to run more efficiently and effectively, providing food security to Atlantans living in poverty and supporting tissue logistics for rare cancer research.

My belief in purpose-driven project design helps me make full use of the insights provided by statistical modeling and data visualization in order to achieve business objectives and goals. With better decision-making, we can build a better world.

In 2017, I moved back to NYC to study the latest practices in data science at Metis. 

What I Do 

The values that guide me

every step of the way.

Constant Growth

Whether it's learning from a mistake or being more proactive and just picking up a book or attending a seminar, continuing to learn and grow is part of my daily life.

Transparent Communication

Managing remote teams has taught me that it's not just communication that's vital to a team's success, but honest communication—especially when things don't go quite right.

Abstracting Beyond Code

According to Anne Wojcicki, big challenges are just an accumulation of small challenges. Breaking them down into smaller subcomponents makes them more easily surmountable.

After the rise of social media (and social truth), we now live in a post-factual world. I use data to filter out the most probable factual truth among today's chaos.

Probable Truth
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